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I write because I believe I have something worthwhile to say. And I write so that others can read my writing. To this end, I wish to allow free access to my work by anyone, anywhere. I also wish to enable free propagation of my work, by allowing verbatim copying and redistribution.

Publication Philosophy

My philosophy regarding document publishing is very different from the conventional copyright model.

Under the conventional model, an author gives up copyright in exchange for physical printing and distribution of the work. The work is usually not available in electronic form, and strict restrictions are placed on copying and redistribution of the work.

By contrast, all my publications are freely available here on my website for readership by anyone. They are available under non-restrictive copyleft terms, permitting verbatim copying and redistribution.

For complete details please see my Publication Philosophy.

Publication Collections (Assortments)

Virtually all my writing over the past 20 years has been published under copyleft, and is available here on my website for immediate access by anyone. Most of my works carry this explicit notice:

Permission is granted to make and distribute complete (not partial) verbatim copies of this document provided the copyright notice and this permission notice are preserved on all copies.

The totality of my published documents, are listed in the Full Index (tabular) – As part of the ByStar Library Facilities. The full index also includes all documents by other authors that I have republished here on my own site.

My writings typically fall under a number of specific topics. I have organized the presentation of my publications lists into “Assortments”:

Libre-Halaal ByStar Digital Ecosystem:
These documents collectively draw the complete ByStar picture. The top overview document is PLPC-180016. A reading roadmap is provided in
Libre Texting:
These documents are about a set of efficient wireless protocols that create an end-to-end short mobile messaging environment. The top overview document is PLPC-110015.
Perso-Arabic Processing and Iran:
These are documents that I have writen over the years relating to Perso-Arabic text processing and also to various aspects of Iran and Iran-US relations.
My Engineering Responsibilities:
As a software and Internet engineer, I have certain responsibilities to my profession and my profession has certain responsibilities to society and humanity. Towards these responsibilities, I have written these documents.
These are documents that don’t fit into the above categorizations.
My Best Work:
These are documents that represent some of my most important or best work over the years.

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