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Reputation is about how one is seen or judged by others. So it's not up to me to describe my own reputation.

But I can show some of the things that others have written about me and my work. Here are some relevant articles and press clippings.

  • Open Source Alternative to Blackberry's Wireless Messaging Debuts
    Robert McMillan
    Open Enterprise Trends, September, 2002.
    Local copy:   (Access Page)   (PDF)   (PS)   HTML

  • WAP 2.0: Mature Enough for Flight?
    Keri Schreiner
    IEEE Internet Computing, November–December, 2000.
    Local copy:   (Access Page)   (PDF)   (PS)   HTML
    Reprinted copy:   (Access Page)   (PDF)  

  • The Politics of WAP
    Meg McGinity
    Inter@ctive Week, July 28, 2000.
    Local copy:   (Access Page)   (PDF)

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