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The following list of Libre published documents is also available in standard bibliographic (.bib) format for citation purposes.

[DRAFT-120006]. Mohsen BANAN. Mis-Design of The Metric System Another Unnoticed Engineering Error .   September 2007. draft/DRAFT.
.pdf  | .ps  | .html  | .bib  ]

This article explains the flaws in the design of the metric system and provides a rationale for why it has not been universally adopted.

[DRAFT-120008]. Mohsen BANAN. Responsibilities of the First Generation Internet Engineers .   September 2007. draft/DRAFT.
.pdf  | .ps  | .html  | .bib  ]

In raw American model of capitalism money rules all and the notion of a profession is limited to that of a revenue source for the individual.

That model leads to societies the likes of America.

However, elsewhere with humanity in the picture, society and professions have responsibilities towards each other.

Progress and change (e.g., technology) bring about situations where the welfare of the society may be adversely impacted unless the profession most intimate with that change acts on behalf of the society for the benefit of the society.

The Internet has had profound effects on societies and as an Internet engineer, I have certain responsibilities.

[DRAFT-120012]. Mohsen BANAN. Death of the American Academic .   September 2007. draft/DRAFT.
.pdf  | .ps  | .html  | .bib  ]

Part of Khodzadgi

This article is part of tha series of Khodzadegi (Self-Toxxication) articles. The trust of Khodzadegi is that when the balance between self and society is overly in favor of the individual, as it is in America to the extreme, professions start to die.

Death of the American Academic

Academics play an important role in the well being of the society. Their role falls into two broad categories:
  • Teaching
  • Research
  • The process that has made the American economic model the American societal model has corrupted both teaching and research. I use my own school (and my son’s) – University of Washington – as an example and case study.
[DRAFT-120015]. Mohsen BANAN. The English Language Needs the Word Libre .   September 2007. draft/DRAFT.
.pdf  | .ps  | .html  | .bib  ]

In english "free" is confusing because when using the term "free", it sometimes mean free of charge, sometimes free of speech, and sometimes both !

So we want to encourage the use of the word "Libre" when the freedom aspect of "free" is intended.

[DRAFT-120016]. Mohsen BANAN. My Take on the 4 Stages of Life and Where Am I .   September 2007. draft/DRAFT.
.pdf  | .ps  | .html  | .bib  ]

Many cultures split life into 4 stages. With various variations these 4 stages are often labeled as:

  • 1- Student Stage -- 0-25 years old -- When we focus on Learing
  • 2- Worker Stage -- 25-45 years old -- When we are providers
  • 3- Stateman Stage -- 45-65 years old -- When we focus on giving back to the society (activism)
  • 4- Wiseman Stage -- 65--death -- When we give advice and mentor
  • My take on these 4 stages is that activism is a way of life, not a stage of life.

[PLPC-100001]. Andrew Hammoude, Mohsen BANAN. The Mobile Messaging Industry . Free Protocols Foundation, August 2000. PLPC/PLPC.
.pdf  | .ps  | .html  | .bib  ]

This article provides an overview of the Mobile Messaging industry, and a description of the essential factors that are required for its long term success and growth.

[PLPC-100003]. Mohsen BANAN. EMSD Efficiency . Free Protocols Foundation, October 1996. PLPC/PLPC.
.pdf  | .ps  | .html  | .bib  ]

This article analyzes the efficiency characteristics of EMSD and comparing its efficiency to other e-mail protocols.

[PLPC-100006]. Mohsen BANAN, Andrew Hammoude. Operation Whiteberry Creation of a Truly Open Mobile Messaging Solution . Free Protocols Foundation, February 2001. PLPC/PLPC.
.pdf  | .ps  | .html  | .bib  ]

This article provides a description of how equivalent functionality to the closed BlackBerry mobile messaging solution can be implemented based on a completely open model, using existing open-source software implementations of LEAP, and existing off-the-shelf hardware components.

[PLPC-100014]. Mohsen BANAN, Andrew Hammoude. The WAP Trap An Expose of the Wireless Application Protocol . Free Protocols Foundation, April 2000. PLPC/PLPC.
.pdf  | .ps  | .html  | .bib  ]

This article provides a detailed criticism of a set of specifications called the Wireless Application Protocol, or WAP. This article demonstrates that WAP is entirely unfit to play the role of a Mobile Messaging industry standard.

This article has been translated into French. The French translation is available as PLPC-100015.

[PLPC-100015]. Mohsen BANAN, Andrew Hammoude. Le WAP à la trappe Un exposé sur le Wireless Application Protocol Traduit par Raymond et Jérôme Mohsen. Free Protocols Foundation, May 2000. PLPC/PLPC.
.pdf  | .html  | .bib  ]

Au-delà de ses failles techniques et de procédure, nous pensons que le WAP représente une erreur fondamentale de conception de ce qui peut être réalisé en utilisant des téléphones cellulaires, et de ce que les utilisateurs vont vraiment vouloir faire avec leurs téléphones.

La messagerie mobile et la recherche de l'Internet mobile représentent deux formes très différentes d'activité de communications. La messagerie mobile signifie une possibilité d'envoyer et de recevoir des messages personnels, tandis que la recherche de l'Internet signifie une récupération d'information d'où que ce soit.

[PLPC-100016]. Andrew Hammoude, Mohsen BANAN. WhiteBerry and {Bluetooth} Use of EMSD and Short Range Wireless Connectivity for Enhanced Mobile Messaging Applications. Free Protocols Foundation, July 2001. PLPC/PLPC.
.pdf  | .ps  | .html  | .bib  ]

This article provides a description of how WhiteBerry and Bluetooth can be used in combination to bring new and enhanced messaging capabilities to the mobile professional.

[PLPC-100017]. Mohsen BANAN, Andrew Hammoude. Lessons from History: Comparitive Case Studies . Free Protocols Foundation, August 2000. PLPC/PLPC.
.pdf  | .ps  | .html  | .bib  ]

This article provides an analysis of the factors which lead to the success or failure of protocols, including discussions of several historical case studies.

[PLPC-100027]. Mohsen BANAN, Andrew Hammoude. Libre Texting with WiFi++ Use of EMSD and Short Range Wireless Connectivity for Enhanced Mobile Messaging Applications. Free Protocols Foundation, February 2009. PLPC/PLPC.
.pdf  | .ps  | .html  | .bib  ]

This article provides a description of how WhiteBerry and WiFi++ can be used in combination to bring new and enhanced messaging capabilities to the mobile professional.

[PLPC-100101]. Mohsen BANAN, Andrew Hammoude. Libre Services A non-proprietary model for delivery of Internet services . Free Protocols Foundation, March 2006. PLPC/PLPC.
.pdf  | .ps  | .html  | .bib  ]

Libre Services are an extension of the principles of free software into the Internet services domain. They are Internet services that can be freely copied and reused by anyone. Any company or organization can reproduce and host any Libre Service, either for its own use, or for commercial or non-commercial delivery to others. The Libre Services model exists in relation to the proprietary Internet services model of AOL, MSN, Yahoo and Google, in an analogous way to how GNU/Linux exists in relation to Microsoft Windows.

In essence, the Libre Services model represents a proposed definition of the free software ideology within the services domain. We have articulated the Libre model fully in the form of an industry paper titled, "Libre Services: a non-proprietary model for delivery of Internet services," available online at

The interested reader can choose to read more, or less, than this defining paper. For the reader wishing to read less, the key ideas are summarized in the form of a brief Executive Summary.

And for the reader wishing to read more, the Libre concept paper is itself part of a larger set of papers collectively called the "Libre Services Manifesto," describing every aspect of the Libre model, including a project-based model for collaborative participation and bootstrapping. The full manifesto is available at

[PLPC-100201]. Mohsen BANAN, Andrew Hammoude. The Free Protocols Foundation Policies and Procedures . Free Protocols Foundation, March 2000. PLPC/PLPC.
.pdf  | .ps  | .html  | .bib  ]

This article provides a description of the Free Protocols Foundations processses to ensure the development and maintenance of patent-free protocols.

[PLPC-120001]. Mohsen BANAN. Yet Another Iran Trip Report Mohsen BANAN's . Free Protocols Foundation, July 1999. PLPC/PLPC.
.pdf  | .ps  | .html  | .bib  ]

This summarizes my experiences and observations on a recent trip to Iran. I, Mohsen BANAN, spent June 26, 1999 through July 14, 1999 in Tehran.

.pdf  | .ps  | .html  | .bib  ]

Speech synthesis, the production of intelligible speech from computer data, is no longer a novelty. Text-to-speech products with unlimted vocabulary are available. Soon, these products will be incorporated into telephone based inquiry systems that will give users access to data-bases from any phone. These systems would enable ordinary telephone sets to function as limited computer terminals. To accomplish this, in addition to the ability of sending information to the user in the form of computer generated speech, the system should be capable of accepting the data transmitted by the telephone (entries on the keypad of a Touch-Tone telephone set).

The aim of this project has been to study possible approaches leading to implementation of a system that would enable a computer to fully use an ordinary telephone set. The six major functions associated with using the phone are:

  1. Picking-up the receiver
  2. Dialing a number
  3. Talking (transmitting information)
  4. Listening (receiving information)
  5. Hanging-up
  6. Recognizing the ring.

Lifting and replacing the receiver is accomplished by using a solenoid that mechanically controls the cradle switch. Dialing is implemented by generating DTMF signals on the voice channel. A Votrax SC-01 phoneme synthesizer enables the system to talk. A MSD 3201 CMOS DTMF decoder/receiver can provide the ability to accept information (listen). Ring recognition may be accomplished through the use of a sound switch.

By using the above mentioned functions, a computer could allow for the use of an ordinary telephone set as a limited terminal. Although not in the form of a %G�%@nal product and totaly operational, the outcome of this project demonstrates the feasability and the practicality of implementing means of interaction between a computer and an ordinary telephone set.

[PLPC-120003]. Mohsen BANAN. Resume for Mohsen BANAN .   January 2008. PLPC/PLPC.
.html  | .pdf  | .ps  | .bib  ]

I am always interested in hearing about projects that are a good fit with my skills and experience. Please contact me to discuss your project.

[PLPC-120005]. Mohsen BANAN. Domain Notation is Backwards Another Unnoticed Engineering Mis-Design . Free Protocols Foundation, September 2007. PLPC/PLPC.
.pdf  | .ps  | .html  | .bib  ]

Domain Notation used throught Internet is backwards. This is another example of an noticed engineering mis-design.

[PLPC-120018]. Mohsen BANAN. Comments and Observations .   December 2007. PLPC/PLPC.
.pdf  | .ps  | .html  | .bib  ]

Informed Comment is patterned after Juan Cole's model of commenting on current affairs regularly.

[PLPC-120019]. Mohsen BANAN. Mohsen BANAN's Reviews Collection .   December 2007. PLPC/PLPC.
.pdf  | .ps  | .html  | .bib  ]

From time to time I write reviews of books and articles that I read. This document is a collection of such reviews.

[PLPC-120021]. Mohsen BANAN. Internetwork Mobility -- The CDPD Approach .   December 2007. PLPC/PLPC.
.pdf  | .ps  | .html  | .bib  ]

This book was originally published by Prentice Hall. Got the copyrights back and republsihed here.

[PLPC-120022]. Mohsen BANAN. Internet E-Mail Services Prepared For the Electronic Mail Association (EMA) PRMD Operators's Committee .   September 1993. PLPC/PLPC.
.pdf  | .ps  | .bib  ]

This is a white paper that was prepared for the Electronic Mail Association (EMA) PRMD Operators' Committee in 1993. At the time, Internet Email was regarded as somewhat fringe and EMA was mostly on the X.400 band wagon. In this paper, the author -- Mohsen Banan -- subtly makes the case for Internet Email and away from X.400.

[PLPC-120023]. Mohsen BANAN. Externally Defined Body Parts (Body Part 15): Issues and Recommendations Prepared for the Electronic Mail Association (EMA) PRMD Operators' Committee.   April 1993. PLPC/PLPC.
.pdf  | .ps  | .bib  ]

This is a white paper that was prepared for the Electronic Mail Association (EMA) PRMD Operators' Committee in 1993. The paper deals with problems and risks associated with email attachments. While primarily in X.400 context, the relevance to Internet Mail MIME attachments are also discussed. The abstract topics of this paper have become very real as Email viruses and warms became part of the email experience. Many of our recommendations of 1993, remain valid even more than 10 years later.

[PLPC-120026]. Mohsen BANAN. Complaints Against The IESG and The RFC-Editor About Publication of RFC-2188 (ESRO).   November 1998. PLPC/PLPC.
.pdf  | .ps  | .html  | .bib  ]

This is a complaint against the IESG and the RFC-Editor about publication of RFC-2188 (Efficient Short Remote Operations - ESRO) as an Informational RFC.

[PLPC-120027]. Mohsen BANAN. Curriculum Vitae de Mohsen BANAN .   September 2009. PLPC/PLPC.
.pdf  | .ps  | .html  | .bib  ]
Curriculum Vitae de Mohsen BANAN. En tant que consultant, je suis toujours ouvert à des projets qui correspondent à mes capacities et mon experience. Contactez-moi si vous avez quelque chose à me proposer.
[PLPC-120028]. Mohsen BANAN. Mohsen Banan's NSF Biographical Sketch (BioSketch) .   September 2009. PLPC/PLPC.
.pdf  | .ps  | .html  | .bib  ]
Mohsen Banan's Biographical Sketch (BioSketch) in National Science Foundation (NSF) format.
[PLPC-120029]. Mohsen BANAN. Biographie Professionnelle de Mohsen BANAN .   September 2009. PLPC/PLPC.
.pdf  | .ps  | .html  | .bib  ]
Biographie Professionnelle de Mohsen BANAN
[PLPC-999999.120030]. Mohsen BANAN. Le site personnel de Mohsen Banan .   September 2009. PLPC/PLPC.
.pdf  | .ps  | .html  | .bib  ]
Le site personnel de Mohsen Banan.
[PLPC-999999.120032]. Mohsen BANAN. وب سایت شخصی محسن بنان .   October 2009. PLPC/PLPC.
.pdf  | .ps  | .html  | .bib  ]
وب سایت شخصی محسن بنان
[PLPC-120033]. Mohsen BANAN, Andrew Hammoude. The Nature of Poly-Existentials: Basis for Abolishment of The Western Intellectual Property Rights Regime.   March 2012. PLPC/PLPC.
.pdf  | .ps  | .html  | .bib  ]
The nature of poly-existentials as the basis for abolishment of the Western intellectual property rights regime.
[PLPC-120035]. Mohsen BANAN. تعريف نرم افزار حلال و تعريف خدمات اينترنتى حلال . Free Protocols Foundation, July 2013. PLPC/PLPC.
.pdf  | .html  | .bib  ]
حلال و حرام براى نرم افزار.
[PLPC-120036]. Mohsen BANAN. Persian Input Methods For Emacs And More Broadly Speaking شیوه‌هایِ درج به فارسی‌. Free Protocols Foundation, September 2012. PLPC/PLPC.
.pdf  | .ps  | .html  | .bib  ]

This document facilitates writing in Persian with Emacs. Emacs is the ultimate multilingual customizable editor centered user environment. Emacs is the base for By*'s choice of user environment in the Halaal/Convivial quadrant. Multiple Persian input methods are part of the emacs distribution. This document provides complete information for these input methods.

Emacs comes with two built-in Persian input methods:

A Persian keyboard based on the Islamic Republic of Iran’s ISIRI-9147 specification.
An intuitive transliteration keyboard for Farsi.

The ISIRI-9147 Persian keyboard is not well suited to Iranian expatriates living in the West. Persian-speaking expatriates are usually already completely familiar and accustomed to the standard qwerty keyboard, and they don’t want to have to learn and adapt to ISIRI-9147. Rather, they expect software to adapt to them.

This is what “Banan Multi-Character (Reverse) Transliteration Persian Input Method” – accomplishes.

Consider that we want to write:

حالا، با نرم افزار حلال میتوانیم به فارسی سالم بنویسیم.

Note that we are not writing in pinglish. Ignore the vowels and think of the Persian writing above letter-by-letter.
Now type:

Hala, ba nrm afzar Hlal mitvanim bh farsi salm bnvisim.

It is as simple as that.

Full conformance to ISIRI-6219 is demonstrated by use of the character mapping tables enumerated in ISIRI-6219.

Based on this effort, various suggestions for improving ISIRI-9147 and ISIRI-6219 are included in this document.

Emacs comes with a rich mail reader, a personal planner, an address book, a calendar, spell checkers for English and Persian, multi-lingual dictionary interfaces and many other tools and packages; all integrated together. Because Emacs supports Persian, all these tools and packages also support Persian.

Most Iranians today use Microsoft Windows products such as MS Word and MS PowerPoint in the Haraam/Industrial quadrant. Microsoft Windows is closed, proprietary software made by an American corporation.

Our goal is to enable and encourage the transition of Iranians from the proprietary Microsoft Windows products in the Haraam/Industrial quadrant, to the far superior Emacs in the Halaal/Convivial quadrant.

This document provides enough information to enable anyone to obtain Emacs and begin using it as her/his Persian user environment.

[PLPC-120037]. Mohsen BANAN. Introducing Convivial Into Globish . Free Protocols Foundation, July 2011. PLPC/PLPC.
.pdf  | .ps  | .html  | .bib  ]
In this paper we introduce the concept of "Convivial" into Globish. We this based on the Ivan Ilich's "Tools For Conviviality".
[PLPC-120038]. Mohsen BANAN. Introducing Globish into Globish . Free Protocols Foundation, July 2011. PLPC/PLPC.
.pdf  | .ps  | .html  | .bib  ]
In this article we introduce Globish into Globish.
[PLPC-120039]. Mohsen BANAN. Introducing Halaal and Haraam into Globish Based on Moral Philosophy of Abstract Halaal معرفیِ حلال و حرام به بقیه‌یِ دنیا. Free Protocols Foundation, June 2013. PLPC/PLPC.
.pdf  | .ps  | .html  | .bib  ]

In this document we properly introduce into Globish the concepts of Abstract Halaal and Abstract Haraam.

In the domain of morality, ethics and philosophy, English is extremely weak. Fundamental concepts from other cultures such as Halaal and Haraam are entirely absent from English. And previous attempts to translate these terms into English have been miserable failures. This is because these are complex concepts that do not exist within the value system of the Americans and British.

Most broadly speaking, the word halaal حلال is a facility for expressing general moral sensibilities which map to ``right.'' The word haraam حرام is a facility for expressing general moral sensibilities which map to ``wrong.''

We build the above formulation based on a framework for moral philosophy in the abstract that is presented in this document.

Our primary purpose in doing so is to use these terms in the context of ``halaal software'' and ``halaal Internet services.''

[PLPC-120040]. Mohsen BANAN. Software Developer Resume of Mohsen BANAN .   July 2011. PLPC/PLPC.
.pdf  | .ps  | .html  | .bib  ]
Software Developer Resume of Mohsen BANAN.
[PLPC-120041]. Mohsen BANAN. Defining Halaal Manner-Of-Existence Of Software And Defining Halaal Internet Application Services . Free Protocols Foundation, September 2012. PLPC/PLPC.
.pdf  | .html  | .bib  ]
In this paper we look into what are the requirements and characteristics of manner of existance of Software such that it can be labeled Halaal Software and what are the requirements and characteristics of manner of existance of Internet Application Services such that it can be labeled Halaal Internet Application Services.
[PLPC-120042]. Mohsen BANAN. The For-Profit and Non-Proprietary Quadrant . Free Protocols Foundation, July 2011. PLPC/PLPC.
.pdf  | .ps  | .html  | .bib  ]
In this paper we introduce concepts needed to encourage more businesses to transition into the For-Profit and Non-Proprietary Quadrant.
[PLPC-120043]. Mohsen BANAN. Introducing East and West into Globish . Free Protocols Foundation, October 2011. PLPC/PLPC.
.pdf  | .ps  | .html  | .bib  ]
Here we introduce semi formal definitions for East and West.
[PLPC-180004]. Neda Communications, Inc.. Blee and BxGnome: ByStar Software-Service Continuum Based Convivial User Environments .   September 2012. PLPC/PLPC.
.pdf  | .html  | .bib  ]
BLEE is the primary user environment for ByStar Autonomous Libre Services.
[PLPC-180014]. Neda Communications, Inc.. The Libre-Halaal ByStar Digital Ecosystem An Inversion to Proprietary Internet Services Model Neda Communication Inc.'s Open Business Plan.   June 2013. PLPC/PLPC.
.pdf  | .html  | .bib  ]

Provides a complete description of Neda's business plan and execution strategy.

[PLPC-180015]. Mohsen BANAN. The ByStar Applied Model Of Federations of Autonomous Libre/Halaal Services . Free Protocols Foundation, August 2011. PLPC/PLPC.
.pdf  | .ps  | .html  | .bib  ]

This paper describes the deployment of the By* services as the new model for delivery of Internet Services, planet-wide.

[PLPC-180016]. Mohsen BANAN. The Libre-Halaal ByStar Digital Ecosystem A Unified and Non-Proprietary Model For Autonomous Internet Services A Moral Alterantive To The Proprietary American Digital Ecosystem. Neda Communications, Inc., June 2013. PLPC/PLPC.
.pdf  | .html  | .bib  ]
The Halaal/Libre ByStar Digital Ecosystem is presented as a moral alternative to the Proprietary American Digital Ecosystem.
[PLPC-180017]. Mohsen BANAN. معرفی یک محیط زیستِ رقمیِ جهانیِ حلال The ByStar Halaal/Libre Digital Ecosystem . Free Protocols Foundation, March 2012. PLPC/PLPC.
.pdf  | .ps  | .html  | .bib  ]
[Records-0709121]. Mohsen BANAN. Open Letter to Senator Patty Murray Don't Mess With Iran .   September 2007. record/Records.
.pdf  | .ps  | .html  | .bib  ]

With the strong message of "No Iran War", accompanying a delegation of Green Party of Washington State to Senator Murray's office, Mohsen BANAN (as an American, as an Iranian-American and as an Iranian) addresses Patty Murray.

[Records-0805151]. Mohsen Banan. 0805151_SU .   May 2008. record/Records.
.pdf  | .ps  | .bib  ]
[Records-200002071]. Mohsen BANAN. Author's Patent Free Statement for RFC-2188 . Free Protocols Foundation, February 2000. record/Records.
.pdf  | .ps  | .html  | .bib  ]
Author's Patent Free Statement for RFC-2188
[Records-200002072]. Mohsen BANAN. Author's Patent Free Statement for RFC-2524 . Free Protocols Foundation, February 2000. record/Records.
.pdf  | .ps  | .html  | .bib  ]
Author's Patent Free Statement for RFC-2524
[Records-20100601]. Mohsen BANAN. Five Less Taught Topics in Data Communications Lecture Slides and Lecture Notes .   June 2010. record/Records.
.pdf  | .ps  | .html  | .bib  ]

Slides and lecture notes for EE461 at the University of Washington.

  • Class: Introduction to Computer-Communication Networks -- Spring 2010 -- EE461
  • Time: 3:30 - 5:20 pm -- Tuesday June 1, 2010
  • Place: Electrical Engineering Building 037
  • Slides and Lecture Notes: Records-20100601
  • Topic: "Five Less Taught Topics in Data Communications"
    • The End-To-End Argument
    • Characteristics Of Successful Protocols
    • Patents and Protocols
    • The Correct Ultimate Protocol Implementation
    • Some Acknowledged and Some Unacknowledged Internet Fundamental Errors
[Records-20101103]. Mohsen BANAN. Open Letter to Seattle University Against Israeli Consul Presenting at Seattle University on November 3rd, 2010 Against War With Iran.   November 2010. record/Records.
.pdf  | .ps  | .html  | .bib  ]

Mohsen Banan's open letter to Seattle University and Seattle’s World Affairs Council -- the organizers of a presentation by consul general of Israel (San Francisco) -- protesting their providing a platform for promotion of Israeli war policies.

[Repub-120004]. Donald N. Wilber. CIA OVERTHROW OF PREMIER MOSSADEQ OF IRAN CIA CLANDESTINE SERVICE HISTORY November 1952-August 1953.   . repub/Repub.
.pdf  | .ps  | .html  | .bib  ]

I dedicate this restoration effort to all tax payers to the American federal government who recognize that by being a financier of such atrocities, they have blood on their hand and who are doing something about preventing such atrocities in future.

[Repub-120024]. Jalal Al-e-Ahmad. Gharbzadegi -- غرب زدگى .   . repub/Repub.
.pdf  | .ps  | .bib  ]

By the time of the Iranian revolution in 1978 there was recognition and consensus of many of the thoughts that first appeared in جلال آل‌احمد 's غرب زدگى published and subsequently sensored in 1964.

This book played a significant role on the path that has brought Iran to where it is today. It remains necessary that it be read widely and that it be readily available to anyone who wishes to read it.

In 2008 I attempted to locate an Internet published copy of the book. I found it at:

That publication however does not accommodate cover to cover reading as a book. I took that text and formatted it more like a traditional book and am web publishing it in PDF and Postscript formats.

Here it is.

[NOTYET: Make the case for importance of web publication. And that a sequel is needed.]

[Repub-120025]. Akio Morita and Shintaro Ishihara. The Japan that Can Say No .   January 1990. repub/Repub.
.pdf  | .ps  | .html  | .bib  ]

This is a translation of a best-selling Japanese book called "The Japan That Can Say No." If you read no further in this introductory note, please at least read this: the group that has typed in and posted this translation wishes to secure for it the widest possible distribution. Please mail [this document] either in print or electronically, to colleagues, newspaper editors, members of the national and local government, academics, radio talk-show hosts, friends, and family; hand them out at work; leave piles of them by the coffee machine. Note that the book is rather short, and so can be conveniently Xerox-copied.

[Repub-120026]. Mohsen BANAN. iran mossadeq 1951TimesManOfTheYear .   November 2008. repub/Repub.
.pdf  | .ps  | .html  | .bib  ]
[Repub-120027]. Mohsen BANAN. iran mossadeq britishDocs .   November 2008. repub/Repub.
.pdf  | .ps  | .html  | .bib  ]
[Repub-120028]. Farhang Tahmasebi فرهنگ طهماسبي. Iran's Theological Research on Intellectual Property Rights پژوهشي فقهي در باب مالكيت فكري و معنوي .   July 2013. repub/Repub.
.pdf  | .ps  | .bib  ]

The original publication point of this document is:

It was reprocessed with Farsi LaTeX and is now available in PDF, PS and HTML formats below. This re-publication makes reading of the document easier with the intent of making its readership wider.

[Repub-fpf-isiri-6219]. Yahya Tabesh et al.. فنّاوریِ اطلاعات تبادل و شیوه‌ی نمایش اطلاعاتِ فارسی بر اساس یونی کُد Persian Information Interchange and Display Mechanism, using Unicode ISIRI-6219.   June 2002. repub/Repub.
.pdf  | .bib  ]

The original publication point of this document is: .

[Repub-fpf-isiri-9147]. Yahya Tabesh et al.. چیدمان حروف و علائم فارسی بر صفحه کلید رایانه Layout of Persian letters and symbols on computer keyboards ISIRI-9147.   June 2002. repub/Repub.
.pdf  | .bib  ]

The original publication point of this document is: .

[Repub-fpf-unicode-tr9]. Mark Davis. UAX #9: Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm .   January 2012. repub/Repub.
.bib  ]

The original publication point of this document is: .

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