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@techreport{Repub-120024, author = {Jalal Al-e-Ahmad}, title = {"Gharbzadegi -- \begin{fa} غرب زدگى \end{fa}"}, type = "Re-Published Content", number = {"120024"}, institution = "Autonomously Self-Published", month = {""}, year = "", note = "\url{}", abstract = "By the time of the Iranian revolution in 1978 there was recognition and consensus of many of the thoughts that first appeared in جلال آل‌احمد 's غرب زدگى published and subsequently sensored in 1964. This book played a significant role on the path that has brought Iran to where it is today. It remains necessary that it be read widely and that it be readily available to anyone who wishes to read it. In 2008 I attempted to locate an Internet published copy of the book. I found it at: That publication however does not accommodate cover to cover reading as a book. I took that text and formatted it more like a traditional book and am web publishing it in PDF and Postscript formats. Here it is. [NOTYET: Make the case for importance of web publication. And that a sequel is needed.]", location = "/lcnt/lgpc/mohsen/repub/politics/iran/gharbzadegi/restoration" }
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