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@techreport{Repub-120028, author = {" Farhang Tahmasebi \begin{fa} فرهنگ طهماسبي \end{fa}"}, title = {" Iran's Theological Research on Intellectual Property Rights \begin{fa} پژوهشي فقهي در باب مالكيت فكري و معنوي \end{fa}"}, type = "Re-Published Content", number = {"120028"}, institution = "Autonomously Self-Published", month = {"September"}, year = "2012", note = "\url{}", abstract = "The original publication point of this document is: a.aspx?a=1385023101. It was reprocessed with Farsi LaTeX and is now available in PDF, PS and HTML formats below. This re-publication makes reading of the document easier with the intent of making its readership wider.", location = "/lcnt/lgpc/mohsen/repub/politics/iran/feghhiMalekiatFekri/farsiLatex" }
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