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@techreport{PLPC-120002, author = {" Mohsen BANAN "}, title = {" COMPUTER TELEPHONE INTERFACE "}, type = "Permanent Libre Published Content", number = {"120002"}, institution = "Autonomously Self-Published", month = {""}, year = "", note = "\htmladdnormallink{}{}", abstract = "Speech synthesis, the production of intelligible speech from computer data, is no longer a novelty. Text-to-speech products with unlimted vocabulary are available. Soon, these products will be incorporated into telephone based inquiry systems that will give users access to data-bases from any phone. These systems would enable ordinary telephone sets to function as limited computer terminals. To accomplish this, in addition to the ability of sending information to the user in the form of computer generated speech, the system should be capable of accepting the data transmitted by the telephone (entries on the keypad of a Touch-Tone telephone set). The aim of this project has been to study possible approaches leading to implementation of a system that would enable a computer to fully use an ordinary telephone set. The six major functions associated with using the phone are: 1. Picking-up the receiver 2. Dialing a number 3. Talking (transmitting information) 4. Listening (receiving information) 5. Hanging-up 6. Recognizing the ring. Lifting and replacing the receiver is accomplished by using a solenoid that mechanically controls the cradle switch. Dialing is implemented by generating DTMF signals on the voice channel. A Votrax SC-01 phoneme synthesizer enables the system to talk. A MSD 3201 CMOS DTMF decoder/receiver can provide the ability to accept information (listen). Ring recognition may be accomplished through the use of a sound switch. By using the above mentioned functions, a computer could allow for the use of an ordinary telephone set as a limited terminal. Although not in the form of a %Gfi%@nal product and totaly operational, the outcome of this project demonstrates the feasability and the practicality of implementing means of interaction between a computer and an ordinary telephone set.", location = "/lcnt/lgpc/mohsen/permanent/teleCommunications/mb-cti-thesis/98-latexCnvrt" }
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