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Open Letter to Senator Patty Murray

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Open Letter to Senator Patty Murray

Don't Mess With Iran

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Dated: September 12, 2007
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Author(s): Mohsen BANAN


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With the strong message of "No Iran War", accompanying a delegation of Green Party of Washington State to Senator Murray's office, Mohsen BANAN (as an American, as an Iranian-American and as an Iranian) addresses Patty Murray.


Mohsen Banan


Date: September 12, 2007
To: Patty MURRAY – A United States of America Senator
From: Mohsen BANAN – An Iranian-American
Subject:Don’t Mess With Iran

I accompany a group of fellow concerned Americans, and as Americans our message to you is:

  • Act to rescind the July 2007 Lieberman amendment to the Defense Authorization Act (S.Amdt.2073).
  • Pass an Act of Congress stating that the 2001 AUMF (Authorized Use of Military Force) does not authorize a preemptive strike against Iran (or a strike in response to an alleged provocation).
  • Cut off funding for any war with Iran not specifically authorized by Congress.

As Iranian-Americans, our message to you is:

We, as Americans of Iranian origin, urge the US Senate to oppose any military attack on Iran. No two of us might agree on the political situation within Iran, but we all ARE unified in our total and unequivocal rejection of any military action by the United States on Iran.

Additionally, I the Iranian want to address you the American.

Since 2003, as a result of jingoisms such as “Shock and Awe”, “Mission Accomplished”, “Guantanamo” and “Abu-Ghraib”, much of the world has come to better recognize the American character as that of a morally bankrupt, self absorbed bully. That is where American imperial and colonial attitudes takes you.

In 2007, instead of listening and learning, the Cheney-Bush regime wants to expand their botched colonial war to include Iran. The bully better stop. Enough jingoism. Enough saber-rattling.

The blowback of America’s CIA coup in 1953 in Iran – which overthrow the democratically elected Iranian Prime Minister, Mossadegh – was a successful Iranian revolution and the deactivation of the American embassy in 1979. The very same American embassy inside of which the 1953 coup was planned and executed. Since 1979 Iran is an independent, sovereign nation. Iranians are well aware of American imperial and colonial intentions. Iranians are capable and prepared to defend their independence and freedom.

Any sort of military adventure by America and/or Israel against Iran will likely prove very costly for the bully.

Since 2003 Americans have done a great deal of additional harm to Iraq and Muslims. You Americans already have enough blood on your hands.

Don’t mess with Iran.

Respectfully Yours,

Mohsen Banan

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